Spokil av finie sue retpagin

Mi av yuste finied preparasion de retpagin pro lingu Spokil – lingu internasional ko karakter volapükatr, kreed sirka 1887 – 1890 per doktor Adolphe Nicolas da Fransia. Kuande Volapük populareskav, veniav pobreve temp de Esperanto, ma et de otr lingui mult. Spesiale lingui volapükatr deveniav popular in fini de sekul 19-im. Un eks ili esav Spokil, lingu ko struktur partie “a-posteriori”, ma ye in parti leplu grand – “a propri”. In anu 1904 doktor Nicolas publikav libr di Spokil skribed in lingu fransik, ko gramatik detaliik, teksti mult e du diksionari grand “fransik – Spokil” e “Spokil – fransik”. In 1907 doktor Nicolas presentav Spokil in Paris, a Delegad pro Adoptasion de Lingu Internasional. Et Idiom Neutral esav un eks lingui teloke presented. Doktor Nicolas indikav valor mnemoteknikal de sistem de paroli in Spokil, ma semble no resivav suport. Lingu esav kuasi oblivied e apar da temp a temp sole in listi monstrant lingui universal varios, ordinare ko tradukasion de “Pater Noster”. Mi av fasied labor plu grand e presented gramatik de Spokil plu detalie, ko eksempli mult. Mi esper, ke interlinguisti, keli av interes spesiale grand di lingui volapükatr, truvero kelkkos interesant in el pagin. Ekse sie adres:

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  1. Awesome! Thanks! I love this blog and I love conlangs in general. Spokil really piqued my interest…gonna see if I can begin compiling lots of info on it and using Google Translate to translate the French manual as best as I can. Thanks for putting up that info, it really helped. Enjoy! Feel free to contact me. Sorry I’m not fluent in Idiom Neutral yet 🙂
    Brian, age 15, PA

  2. Thanks for the comment. I love all those mysterious “Volapukish” languages and I had been searching for the materials on Spokil for years,
    until I finally found the original French manual at the free archive site. It has the whole vocabulary, which is very good. I wish you all the best in your translating work of this old mysterious language!

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