Gidlibret de konversasion (parti 5)

Kual tempest it esero sidiurne?  What weather will it be today?
Mi pens, ke it esero frigid.  I think it will be cold.
It pluvav presidiurne da matin usk vespr.  It was raining yesterday from the morning until evening.
Eske it nevero posidiurne?  Will it snow tomorrow?
Sitempe tempest es bel.  Now the weather is fine.
Mi audiav, ke it esero multe kalid posidiurne.  I heard it would be very warm tomorrow.
Kual es tempest-prognos pro ist seman?  What is the weather forecast for this week?
Kuande it pluvi, on rest in dom.  When it rains one stays at home.
In diurn solos mi am promenar.  On a sunny day I like to go for a walk.
Noi andero a kampestrad ist soldi.  We will go to countryside this Sunday.

Atension: parol anglik “tempest” es “uragan” in Idiom Neutral.

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